Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All is well

Life gracefully flows to me and I gratefully receive it.

~ Namaste' ~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rare Indeed

I floated tonight in the deep ocean of the moon...
supported by the silver effervescence of it...
illuminated from within and glowing all about...

I could feel the magnetic force of Mother nature in her ebb and flow...
the tides of my soul merged into her glistening orb...
we rested together in a total eclipse...

I am forever changed by the wisdom and beauty that
following the natural course provides...

Miracles ~ Magic ~ Mystery
that is all there truly is and all that I wish to see!

I have been meditating on the particular elements that we have been provided with this glorious night. Winter Solstice, Full Moon, and Eclipse. There is much to be gained by resting in these combined gifts which amplify each other. The shortest day and the longest night tells us to go within and seek the shelter of the Divine inherent in us. The full moon asks us to come out in the open and let go of all that no longer serves our highest good. The eclipse shows us how magnificent we are... we are always the
light even in the darkest of shadows.

When we put these three together, we see that this time right now offers us a rare opportunity to cleanse and realign at a rate/speed/frequency that will propel us into the New Reality of our time here on Earth. Letting go of all attachments frees up the space to realize the union of Heaven and Earth that we have the pleasure of being. Knowing that we are the ultimate Light brings peace and joy beyond compare. We are the ultimate enigma All and Nothing
in the very same moment.

Reflect ~ Rest ~ Reset

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Floating down the river of nostalgia. The beauty of the countryside fills me. The joy in living simply bathes me. I am in awe of the simple path life has taken me in to arrive in this moment where only positive loving memories remain.