Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soul Solstice

Summer Solstice ~ Soul Sharing

I woke this morning @ 3:30AM and knew that Spirit had something wonderful in store for me. By 4:00, I realized it was Summer Solstice and decided to maximize the longest day of the year. With my journal in hand, I headed to the deck with my bowl of crystal water and blessing oils. To see the day begin is a blessing and rite of passage that every person should participate in at least once a year. The following words are the outpouring of my soul as I let the light of day break upon my being.

Before the sun rises with little surprises

She realizes even in all her disguises

The world never slows down

Whether in dreams or awake

She takes all she can take

And gives us back to ourselves anew

The clouds in the sky ~ the doubts in my mind

Are all but the very same thing

Water-ful AIR going nowhere ~ yet passing without a care

Simple temporary blocks to the LIGHT

Empty yet full ~ of what dew we do

To see the world wake ~ Inside my soul quakes

This show is playing for me

Clouds swimming through sky ~ Moon wandering by

It has waited and longed just like me

Birds singing LOVE songs ~ Bugs scurry along

Sharing Glorious Life with me

Squirrels hurry and make haste ~ as time gently waits

For a breath on this morning new

Colors stroll across the sky ~ down low and way up high

Laughter is their glowing hue

The moon and the sun dance together across the morning sky

In shadow and light, they never fight or wonder who is right

They gracefully bow and lovingly allow

The other to shine brightly

Best of all, is that in summer and fall

We know they shine together for us ALL!